T-shirt Designs Commemorating the Famous Spartan Aircraft Company

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T-shirt commemorating the famous Spartan Aircraft Company headed by J. Paul Getty, manufacturer of the celebrated Spartan Trailercoaches of the 40's and 50's.

Some history. J.Paul Getty took over the management of the Spartan Aircraft Company in 1942 at the age of 49. He truly expanded the production capabilities of the Spartan factory, he also demanded the highest standards. By the time WWII ended in 1945, the factory employed 5500 workers and had gained an extraordinary reputation for quality and efficiency.

As the production of war planes ceased, Getty needed to find other suitable products to manufacture at his factory headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and the Spartan management considered refrigerators, small domestic appliances, home furnaces and even automobiles, but discarded them all.

In 1946, Spartan utilized aircraft engineering and aircraft material to turn out a coach big emough to live in, yet light enough to travel. It was to be lighter and stronger than anything else on the road. The use of aluminum and birch wood for interior finishes allowed beauty and grace to be attained in a practical manner. The framework and skin were fabricated and assembled using aircraft riveting technology. The Spartan Trailercoach was born.

The Spartan trailer operation thrived for some time. In 1951, J. Paul Getty sailed for Europe, never to return. By 1958, the production of house trailers had waned and the bulk of the operations were moved to Albany, Georgia.
Today, the Spartan trailer remains the most oustanding trailercoach ever made.

The SPARTAN T-SHIRT is a perfect complement to a Spartan Executive airplane if you happen to own one of the few remaining. If you are lucky to have a Spartanette, a Spartan Manor, a Royal or Imperial Mansion, the SPARTAN T-SHIRT must be yours. And if you are fascinated by these exceptional and artful land yachts, the SPARTAN T-SHIRT wants a place in your wardrobe. Yesterday's craftsmanship is today's celebration.